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* Friesischer Sandmännchen-Tee *

* Friesischer Sandmännchen-Tee *
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4,42 EUR

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* Friesischer Sandmännchen-Tee *

Wunderbar wohltuender Sandmännchen-Tee - 100g

Vollgepackt mit wundervollen Kräutern  - schöner Abend-Tee


Johanniskraut, Passionsblumenkraut, Hopfen, Fenchel, Anis, Honeybusch


Preis je Kg incl. MwSt: 45,00 Euro

Tee ohne Deko



Autor: Gast 03.01.2020
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Autor: Gast 13.01.2018
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Autor: Gast 25.07.2015
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Autor: Gast 06.04.2014
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Autor: Gast 06.04.2014
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Hola Florian!My name is Yves Meza, I'm from Venezuela, but currently lvniig in Australia, I'm a illustrator working in a toy company and I also design my own Tees :) when I am not busy with work. I've been following u for over 3 years by now, and I have to say that your work it is inspirational! and more than that it has the power to take me back to that stage when I was a kid dreaming big every time I watched a cool drawing, comic strip, ect. I used to try to put the whole movie together out of a static image. So thank u to load my head with great material, and I am not talking only about your drawings but also for the good info that u share with us through your blog.You and many other artists around the web keep my going and dreaming even bigger.From Venezuela I've come as far as Autralia and all thanks to a couple of hundred pencils sharpened :)Long life Drawing! hehePS. Sorry If my English got messy at some point. English it's my second language and still working hard to improve it [url=]dzmxbxgkog[/url] [link=]dcqmelvm[/link]

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